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Healthy And Flavorful Seasonings

Have you ever noticed that most great cooks use their own secret blend of herbs and seasonings when preparing a fantastic meal? It's because most store-bought brands rely heavily on salt and MSG for flavor. The Sensational Seasonings family is created using a blend of the finest herbs & spices, so you can prepare healthy, low sodium meals at home that are just as good as what you enjoy at your favorite restaurant. Our seasonings will bring flavor back to your low salt diet.

Salt-Free Seasoning

Salt or Salt Free

How much salt you need depends on what you are preparing, the meat type, cut and thickness.  Sensational Seasoning's Pork Rub is salt-free, so it is perfect for brining or for controlling how much salt you use. It's great on casseroles, vegetables, chili & spaghetti sauce too.

Concentrated seasonings with great flavor


Our Jamaican Jerk Seasoning meets the FDA's guidelines as a 'very low sodium' seasoning. We use a healthy and flavorful mix of caribbean spices in this blend that will liven up any dish!

Seasonings that are flavorful and good for you

Good For You

Sensational Seasonings feature ingredients packed with nutritional value. For example, just one tablespoon of our delicious Pork Rub provides 21% of your RDA for Vitamin A and 7% for iron.

Healthy Seasoning Ingredients

Pork Rub

Ingredients: Paprika, Garlic, Spices, Sugar, Cayenne

  • No MSG
  • Salt-Free

Chicken Seasoning

Ingredients: Paprika, Ginger, Spices, Salt

  • No MSG
  • Low Sodium

Jamaican Jerk

Ingredients: Spices, Allspice, Sugar, Cayenne & Salt

  • No MSG
  • Low Sodium

Our customers can't live without Sensational Seasonings

Sensational Seasonings is just awesome! Now that I use them, I can't live without them. Jeff enjoys using Pork Rub in his low salt diet Jeff Howell
I recently ordered the Chicken Seasonings and Jerk Seasonings. I couldn't be more happy with the results. My family is going crazy for these seasonings. I have to admit I'm not the best cook, but by even simply adding your spices, my cooking has gone up a level. My children even asked for a repeat of panfried butterflied chicken breasts. Yvonne enjoys kid friendly seasoningsYvonne Crawford
The Chicken Seasoning on brussel sprouts is my new favorite dish. These seasonings make good vegetables great, and that's important when feeding picky kids and hungry husbands! Lindsay Cannon loves lots of flavor and healthy recipesLindsay Cannon

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