Low Salt Seasoning = Healthy Fundraising

Fundraising doesn't have to be limited to sweets and junk food. Sensational Seasonings provides nutritious and delicious alternatives that encourage families to prepare healthier meals at home!
Healthy fundraising also helps to educate your children about the importance of good nutrition. A great way to reach your profit goals and help your community at the same time!

Why Choose Sensational Seasonings?

Fundraising leads to learning about nutrition
Fundraising promotes a healthier community
Fundraising with better profit margins

Healthy Profits

1 - 12 Cases

Your Cost  -  $60 / case

You Collect  -  $120

Your Profit  -  50%

Over 12 cases

Your Cost  -  $54 / case

You Collect  -  $120

Your Profit  -  55%

Fundrasing highlight

Here's an example - If a classroom has 30 students and each student sells three seasonings, these 90 sales will produce $900 and a profit of $450. That's a 50% profit margin!

How To Get Started

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  • Go to our online store and place your order
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    Low Salt Seasonings

    Salt-Free Pork Rub
    Low Salt Jamaican Jerk
    Salt-Free Cajun Blackening Seasoning
    Low Salt Jamaican Jerk
    Low Salt Chicken Seasoning

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